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(Version 3.05, July 2012)

Dear Member,
Welcome aboard our Administration System !

Through this web interface, you can access your own personal data and keep it up-to-date. Your Club Secretary can also update your Club general information and all your Club members data. The Secretary is the final responsible person for the data published here. When comes the times to print the paper Directory, the data will be complete and exact, as you will have taken care of updating it.

New members creations, dismiss, transfers and the like must still be sent by paper mail to the Permanent Secretary who will enter such updates to this database.

On your first visit to this page, click the above link « Forgotten password ? ». You will be prompted for you email address. If your email address is already printed in the directory, you will receive within some minutes an automated email with your strictly personal login and password.

If you do not have an email address in the directory or if your record can't be found , please phone our Permanent Secretary. She will enter a valid a email for you in the database and will send you your password.

Yours in Club,